First Responders of Montgomery County

Fighting for Freedom.

Our Mission

MoCo First Responders LLC is composed of career first responders of Montgomery County Maryland who are opposed to the proposed unconstitutional County Council Bill 34-21. The proposed bill terminates from employment all County employees who do not provide documentation of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and the proposed amendments to this bill will also require boosters or face termination.

Instead of honoring those who have been on the frontlines of the pandemic for the last 20 months, members of the County Government wish to dispense with all personnel who have questions about the safety, efficacy, necessity and morality of the vaccines. MoCo First Responders LLC seeks to bring a halt to this abuse of power through legal challenges brought by our council, Hartman Attorneys at Law.

Called to the Cause

Fellow Freedom Fighters,

If you feel called to the cause, please share our story and spread the word about our threatened liberties. Your support and becoming an advocate for our cause makes all the difference in our outcome. Send us an email to see how you can join the fight today.

Thank You,

The First Responders of Montgomery County

Help Us Fight Back!

Your donation allows us to fight for the freedom of choice granted to us by our Creator and also helps spread the word of Truth.

All proceeds collected by MoCo First Responders LLC go towards the legal expenses incurred fighting for our jobs and fighting to protect the citizens of Montgomery County. 

We the People

Our team of united Freedom Fighters are here to help where we can.

To contact our team for immediate response for legal or media inquiries, please send us an email.


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